Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to help patients restore their smiles after tooth loss. If you have lost multiple teeth, but not enough to warrant complete dentures, our Grand Rapids dentist may recommend partial dentures. Unlike complete dentures, you won’t need to have all your remaining teeth extracted. Instead, the partial denture is designed to fit alongside your natural teeth. 

Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat or speak properly. While wearing partial dentures will take some getting used to, most of our patients appreciate being able to improve their quality of life with a new smile.

Depending on your needs, we are able to design a partial denture for one tooth or multiple teeth. While the cost of dentures can be mitigated through insurance, you’ll want to check the specifics of your policy before scheduling an appointment with our Grand Rapids dentist.

Removable partial dentures attach to natural teeth through what are called precision attachments. Precision attachments attach the oral appliance to the rest of your teeth for a secure, yet comfortable, fit. It’s not uncommon for patients to need adjustments to their partial dentures to ensure the best fit. We also offer denture repair.

Dr. Ritzema DDS at Complete Health Dentistry is dedicated to helping patients achieve their best smiles through comprehensive dental services, including denture treatments. If you are interested in learning more, call our Grand Rapids dentures dentistry at (616) 458-7267.