Periodontal Treatments

Complete Health Dentistry is all about your Teeth, your Smile, your Confidence, and your Health. And the health of your gums is a paramount concern of ours. Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease) is no laughing matter. Although Complete Health Dentistry is a general dental practice, we are an exclusive Perio Protect Provider, able to treat gum disease in a healthy, effective, and comfortable manner. And you can be treated right from our office. No having to go to see a periodontist.


Gum disease results from movement and mutation. Bacteria on the teeth can quickly develop into colonies and transition between the surfaces and into the Periodontal Pockets, those spaces between the teeth and gums. Those pockets can quickly become breeding grounds for the bacteria to form biofilms or communities of bacteria. They will split apart and spread, which will encourage

additional infection, inflammation, and tenderness of the gums. That is why it is our mission as dental professionals to stress the importance of early treatment, before bacteria has a chance to root itself in your gums, or worse, your body’s systems.

Bacteria Can Spread and Lead to Additional Damage

If not addressed properly, bacteria can spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream, leading to more dangerous consequences.

Pathogens identified in gum disease have been linked to:

  • Heart disease,
  • Certain cancers,
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • and other systemic issues.

Chronic Gum Disease is More Common Than You Think

Over half of Americans have what is known as chronic gum disease.

That is about 170 million people in the US.

Chronic means the infection has progressed beyond gingivitis and cannot be completely “cured.”

It can, however, be treated.

80% of Americans have some form of gum disease. Fortunately, all of them have the ability to treat gum disease at every stage in a way that is both comfortable and effective.

Many people don’t realize that the dentist keeps updated perio charts to measure the depth of pockets throughout the gums. When the hygienist measures periodontal pockets, any number above 4 is potentially problematic.

There is Another Way to Treat It

Historically, advanced gum disease has been treated predominantly with surgery.

Although surgery is an aggressive treatment for eliminating bacteria, it, unfortunately, removes gum tissue, which most often leads to tooth sensitivity.

By having surgery, bacteria can start up in the newly created wounds during the healing process.

Surgery is not always avoidable, but there is another option to treat gum disease.

Patented trays from Perio Protect deliver bacteria-fighting peroxide deep into the pockets of the gums to kill the source of infection. And the fact that these trays are non-invasive means the treatment is both effective and repeatable.

In fact, it’s likely effective because it’s repeatable. And vice versa.

The Perio Protect Method

Perio Protect can only be prescribed by a doctor as a patient solution to be applied at HOME.

Once your custom Perio Trays® arrive,your dental team at Complete Health Dentistry will demonstrate the precise amount of medicine to place in each tray. You only wear the trays for several simple minutes per day. Your custom treatment plan will have been specifically created for you by your dentist.Every patient will have their own subtly different treatment plan to follow.

The trays are patented and designed to seal, placing medication where directly at the site of an infection deep under the patient’s gumline. Hydrogen peroxide, at low concentration levels, will gently and completely cleanse the periodontal pockets, fighting off the damaging bacteria.As a bonus, patients also experience whiter teeth and fresher breaths. For some lucky patients, surgical intervention could be eliminated from the effectiveness of the non-invasive Perio Trays. For other patients, the Perio Trays can be an effective complement to more traditional treatments, helping to promote a more successful outcome.

There is no “cure” for gum disease after the first stage, but it can be managed.Daily treatments prevent pathogenic bacteria from multiplying. Once the desired results have been achieved, your dentists at Complete Health Dentistry will revisit your treatment plan and tweak it as a point of maintaining the results.

The Perio Protect Method is a minimally invasive and appealing option for early-stage gum disease and

advanced periodontitis.

Other Methods May Fall Short

Brushing, rinsing, and flossing are important – always. But those efforts often fail to penetrate deep below the gum line in the periodontal pockets where the bacteria thrive

  • Deep cleanings, also referred to as (root planing and scaling), or (surgery), can be necessary to treat advanced gum disease.
  • (Scaling) is a treatment to scrape and smooth tooth surfaces.It requires numbing the patient’s gums to remove bacteria to prevent it from re-adhering.
  • Surgery is more aggressive.It requires getting access to clean the tooth root surfaces by cutting the tissues to lift a flap. More often than not, this process must be repeated over several visits. It can be frustrating, painful, and invite harmful bacteria back into the new wounds.
  • Fighting bacteria can sometimes be done with the use of prescribed antibiotics. Results can be promising and immediate and are often only temporary measures.The over-prescribing of antibiotics can reduce long-term efficacy – a cause and effect of long-term antibiotic use.

The Process to Start Perio Protect

It all starts with a simple discussion.

By lowering the barriers to gum disease treatment, we are offering a new path to healthier gums.

Talk to your Dentist

We are a Perio Protect Provider.Call us to set up a FREE consultation.

Impressions of your Mouth will be Sent to our Lab

Because your mouth is unique, our patented trays must be custom fitted to match your treatment needs precisely.

Once your teeth molds are delivered to the Perio Protect laboratory, they custom-fabricate what are really mouthguard devices designed to deliver medication below the infected areas below the gum line to combat infection.

Treat your Gums Nicely

By making gum disease treatment convenient and comfortable, we also make it effective.

Eradicating bacteria is a battle and requires perseverance. Our Perio Trays perform as intended while you kick back and watch your favorite show. Or play golf. Or catch up on Facebook.

This is a non-invasive treatment that may stave off surgery or reduce the chance of needing repetitive scaling procedures.

In only minutes a day, you can dramatically improve your oral health and, consequently, have a positive impact on your body’s overall health.

And some wonderful side effects include whiter teeth and fresher breath.

Perio Protect is a leader in supplying non-invasive gum disease treatment for periodontitis. Thousands of Perio Trays are shipped from their St. Louis lab to patients around the US.One of those patients could be you.

Give us a call to set up your Perio Protect FREE consultation.